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Talks & Workshops

Bringing scientific knowledge to your daily life.

Health, Happiness & Purpose

This talk is given by Rosanne Warmerdam, biomedical scientist and co-founder of The Pando Network and is aimed to learn more about personal health and well-being from a scientific perspective. 


Rosanne developed this talk in her quest as a Biomedical Scientist to learn more about human health. During her study she was challenged to learn more about humans in relation to diseases. But she was more fascinated to learn more about the relationship between humans and health. What is health? When are you healthy? 


In this talk you learn to look at health from a new perspective based on the latest insights in neuroscience and the relationship between our lifestyle and DNA. Furthermore, you will learn the secrets from the healthiest communities in the world where people become old, healthy and happy.

Rosanne is very passionate and enthusiastic to take you on a journey to learn more about the latest scientific insights related to human health and lifestyle. In the past years she shared this knowledge with more than 6000 people and was invited to speak at many organizations and events.  


Everybody at The Pando Network is on a journey to discover more about human and planetary health every single day. We think it is very important to share the knowledge that we find along the way. Because too often the gap between science and the applicability in daily life stands in the way of real change. 


In our talks and workshops we build a bridge between scientific knowledge, about human and planetary health, and how we can apply it in our daily lives. We make it simple and bring it back to the basics. Inspiring and challenging people to look at health from a new perspective and giving them the tools and knowledge to be able to make a (little) change.


+6000 PEOPLE



8.7 OUT OF 10




Human life is dependent on its connection with this planet. Although we know it, it is a challenge to act upon it. We want to share our vision on the human and planetary connection and give you our take on the root causes of the global health challenges. 


We will share our biggest and wildest dream about the BodyMindPlanet connection. Is it possible to live in a world without diabetes type 2 or plastic in the ocean, where the surface area of forest is growing and biodiversity increases? A world in which nobody lives in poverty and we all have access to healthy food, clean drinking water and education? 


The beautiful thing is that we are all a part of the BodyMindPlanet connection and that everybody has the opportunity to make a change. The choices we make on a daily basis have a huge impact on the bigger picture. Learn how simple changes in your daily life can improve your personal health and at the same have a positive impact on planetary health.




"We hear so many great reactions from our colleagues. They thought your presentation was very inspiring, educative and positive. They say they have started to think about and are even motivated to make (small) changes in their lifestyles because of you!"

Workshop Health Day

If you’re looking for an inspiring day that revolves around health, connection and energy you are in for a treat. The Pando Network provides workshops that are all about the positive energy of working on health and sustainability. Ingredients of the workshop include the following:


  • New vision on health from the perspective of neuroscience and DNA

  • Measuring of brain frequencies in relation to relaxation

  • Learning from the best practices in the world, the Blue Zones

  • Health game; which choices do you make as a group in different health dilemmas?

  • Reflecting on how the knowledge gained can be applied to your daily routines, in what areas is room for improvement?


You can book a workshop tailored to your preferences. Simply make a call, or send an e-mail if you want more information. In case you want to get to know us better and experience the Pando vibe, come over at our office. We can hang out over coffee or take a walk through nature.

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