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HealthBlocks is the first start-up that sprouted from the Pando Philosphy. 

At HealthBlocks we help you to understand your health. We provide you with insights in your personal health by measuring a unique set of biomarkers. Together with our lifestyle doctor we help you to understand and translate these insights into your daily life.

Health movements

Salad or french fries? Car or bike? Telling people what to do or not to do has never really worked. For our campaigns we start with highlighting the existing structure that promotes health. Next we figure out what drives people from these communities to do what they do. We then combine this information and create community specific campaigns that nudge people towards the healthy options. 

Healthy Hillegom is our first grassroots health movement and together with schools, entrepreneurs, restaurants, supermarkets, (sport)clubs, social welfare organisations, municipality, healthcare and inhabitants we want to make the healthy choice, the easiest choice!

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Strategic consultancy

The Pando Network excels in strategy. With our diverse background we are capable of providing long term strategies for your organisations health and sustainability ambitions.