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We believe that health of humans and the planet is connected. In our modern world health is mostly seen as an individual responsibility, we disagree. Together we are responsible for the well-being of this planet including all its inhabitants. That’s why we define health as:


“Health as a dynamic balance between physical, mental and social well-being. In which the well-being of an individual is connected with the physical, social and natural well-being of the whole community.”  

The main purpose of our societies and economies should be to create more health. We believe that this is possible and it opens up a whole lot of opportunities.


The Pando Network builds an ecosystem in which the healthy option becomes the easy option. Laying the foundation for green and healthy societies with sustainable economies that support the health of people and the natural environment.


Building an ecosystem for healthy choices.

Preventive healthcare solutions from a different perspective.


Sounds cool, but how?

What we do.


The A-Team

 Gheeh, The Geek & Spindoc.

The perfect mix.

The Pando Network team is diverse in background and skills but connected through their love for this planet. We combine science with creativity. The foundation of our knowledge comes from our degrees in biomedical sciences, physics, sustainability, political sciences and philosophy. 

Inspiration and creativity comes from our shared passion for the outdoors. Nothing makes us happier than sharing some waves in the ocean or going for an early morning run in the dunes.


Ryan Geerdink



Rosanne Warmerdam

The Geek

CEO & Founder

Daan Warmerdam



Over the course of his life, Ryan developed a diverse interest in human health, natural science, sustainability and ecosystems. After he received his Msc. of Physics in Science Business & Innovation, where he focused on bringing renewable energy technologies and sustainable innovation to the market, Ryan took the concept of sustainability outside the scope of technology. Realizing that the health of our planet is connected to our personal health and that these are a result of our way of life, he is determined to redesign a way of living that facilitates personal and planetary health.

Rosanne is very passionate about  health, learning more about it every day. She got her Masters degree in Biomedical Sciences at Leiden University and participated with research projects at Leiden University, University of Amsterdam and Calgary. During her study in Biomedical Sciences the focus was to learn more about humans in relationship to disease. Rosanne is determined to learn more about humans in relationship to health. What is health? When are you healthy? The Pando Network gives her the opportunity to work on her mission: to create more health on this planet. It’s easy to jump out of bed every day to make this mission reality.

Daan is a real political junkie and fascinated by the fact how we shape our societies through politics, activism and entrepreneurship. However, if we can shape the world we live in, then why is it so hard to live a healthy life? He got his bachelor’s degree in International Relations & Organizations. During his master Philosophy, Politics and Economics at Leiden University he specialized on health inequalities, paternalism and nudging. Are we capable to steer people to a healthy and happy life? And if we are, is it the right thing to do? Questions that makes Daan’s heart beat a little bit faster.

Our purpose is to bring this vision to live. We do that by thinking big and taking one small step at a time.


The Pando Network translates their vision into ideas, concepts and business models. Then we look for the right partners to connect with and work together to bring those concepts to live.


The projects and concepts we are working on can be very different in size and shape but they are all rooted in our healthy ecosystem and have the purpose to create more health for people and planet. Not everything we do is directly visible but believe us we are working day and night to create a healthier world.


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