Building an ecosystem

for healthy choices.

Our daily routine is full of choices. The things we do on a daily basis not only influences our personal health, but also has an impact on Earth. It is currently not easy to develop a lifestyle that enhances health in general, even though many people would want to do so.  The Pando Network recognizes that our way of life is both the root cause and the solution to many of the health and sustainability challenges we face today.

We are building an ecosystem based on the philosophy of the BodyMindPlanet connection. A system in which the healthy option becomes the easy option. Laying the foundation for green and healthy societies with sustainable economies that support the health of people and the natural environment.

BodyMindPlanet Connection

The BodyMindPlanet connection is about understanding how humans and their way of living influences personal and planetary health. 


The health and well-being of humans strongly depends on the health of its natural environment. From the food we eat, to the air we breathe and the water we drink. The other way around, the health of the natural environment is heavily influenced by lifestyle of humans. We call this relationship the BodyMindPlanet connection


Unfortunately, over time, we have forgotten about this connection. Affecting both human and planetary health resulting in chronic illness, stress related diseases, deforestation, reduced air quality and pollution of the oceans. Solutions to these problems cannot only be found in medical and technological advancement. 


The Pando Network is built on a vision that we have to restore the BodyMindPlanet connection to be able to find solutions for the global health challenges. We strongly believe that this will open the gateway to a world where we generate business and activities with the purpose of caring for the planet and its inhabitants. 


Sounds cool, but how?

What we do.



Health movements







Our Moonshot

To live in a world that flourishes by respecting and restoring the BodyMindPlanet connection. That will result in real change. A world in which nobody has diabetes type 2, the amount of forest on this planet is growing, there is no plastic to be found in the oceans, biodiversity is increasing, nobody lives in poverty, we all feel responsible for the health and well-being of this planet, each other and everything living on it.

We contribute by working on and creating projects that establish real change and empower people with knowledge by sharing what we have learned on our journey.


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